Konnessi: Tech Connected with Business Savvy

Intellectual Equity InfusionTM: a web development investment in an independent business' predicted upside potential. In return for access to the combined experience, energy, and business savvy of the Konnessi team, Intellectual Equity partners share a percentage of the additional value directly generated by Konnessi's web-based strategies.

As the name implies, Konnessi's Intellectual Equity is not so different from the traditional private equity market. Instead of contributing traditional capital, however, Konnessi contributes intellectual capital in the form of web design, business experience, technology, and web design. Like any other equity firm, Konnessi assumes the financial risk when contributing equity. If our strategy falls flat, we absorb the cost of lost resources.

Accordingly, Konnessi's revenues are derived from the total combined equity value of all of our Intellectual Equity deals. As a company, our goal is to retain a diversified portfolio of companies in a range of sectors and industries, thus hedging against market fluctuations. For our Intellectual Equity Partners, joining forces with Konnessi is a win-win situation. When we approach a company to offer an Intellectual Equity Infusion, we have already completed exhaustive due diligence and know our potential for success. Konnessi partners with only those companies with considerable untapped potential--those which can be made more profitable through good web design and social media, for example. Because we have a proven track record and a history that clearly establishes the value of our own knowledge and diligence, we enter into Intellectual Equity Partnerships with little or no upfront contribution from a newly signed Partner.

When offering an Intellectual Equity Infusion, Konnessi keeps its Partners informed and engaged and itself accountable. Our Partners are provided a contract outlining benchmarks for progress. Only when we surpass these benchmark figures will we share in the upside revenue. Again, because Konnessi assumes the financial risk related to the Partnership, it is in our best interests to help our clients shatter previous earnings records.

Whether we rebuild a website, create an identifiable web presence, or assist a company in creating a more efficient workplace, Konnessi adds value to each Partner by sharing the skills of its dedicated employees; we're one of the fastest-growing New England web tech companies for a reason. While creativity, intellectual property, and dedication cannot be easily quantified as a pure capital investment, these qualities are what set successful companies apart and often prove far more valuable to business growth in the long run. Our Intellectual Equity Partners can be confident that they have access to the absolute best minds in the business.